He is Faithful to Answer


This has been on my heart  since my boyfriend told me news regarding our future after he graduates college (meaning his career). We had been praying for clarity, discernment, and answers for months, and finally, the Lord was faithful to answer. Was it the answer I wanted? No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t what I expected or what I would have chosen, but He answered.

The next day I was leaving campus after failing a midterm, and I began to pray for guidance in my writing and a better mood, as my heart was far from happy. The light turns green, and luckily I glanced to my left in time to stop before the car running the red-light plowed into me going over 45 miles per hour. He zoomed past and I continued slowly through the intersection, thanking God that He had spared me from that accident. I kept praying for my mood and patience until I got to Walmart. I was realizing that the Lord used that close call to make me see that the things that dampened my mood really weren’t that important. As I was making my way through the parking lot a car backed into me, putting a dent in my bumper. The man was quite frazzled, but I assured him that he wouldn’t get a ticket and it wasn’t a big deal. Despite the panic of almost being sent to the hospital in a car wreck and trying to calm a man who damaged my car (His was unharmed.), my mood had lightened; I was overwhelmed with the joy of Christ.

Both instances I prayed to God for answers and solutions, and He answered both faithfully. The Bible tells us in many different places to pray and cry out to God (Phil. 4:6-7, 1 John 5:14, Romans 12:12, Hebrews 4:16, Psalm 18:6). It also tells us that God will answer (1 John 5:15, John 14:13, James 4:2). However, His ways transcend our ways by a long shot (Isaiah 55:9). If you would have asked me how I thought God was going to give me a happy heart, I would have told you: A) it would have just happened, or B) I’ll stop for some coffee and have a good cry. I would have never said, “He will allow me to almost be in a life-threatening car accident, then get rear-ended in the parking lot, and that is how he will give me a happy heart!” NEVER!

But that is what He did, and by His grace, those events did give me a happy heart, as they humbled me to realize that my problems are minuscule in the scope of eternity. He answered my prayer in a very unexpected way, BUT HE ANSWERED, just like His word said He would.

As we pray and wait, and wait and pray, we can feel like the Lord will never answer. We may think He doesn’t care or that He is too busy, but both of those are simply unbiblical. “If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!” (Matt. 7:11). Praying and waiting is not easy, but it is worth it. He will answer your prayers because He cares for you. It just may not be how you expect. It may be unwanted closed doors to answer a prayer for discernment, or it may be an almost car wreck that puts things in perspective. It could mean that He takes your mom to heaven as you pray for healing, as that is the ultimate healing. It is not always what we ask for, but it is what we ultimately need to be drawn closer to Him. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). We can hold on to this truth as we wait for God to answer our prayers or try to make sense of how He chose to answer them.

Lord, I thank you for your goodness to your children. Thank you for always doing what is best for us, even if we do not agree with you. Let our desires fall in line with yours as we seek your heart, and show us your love for us even through the hard things. I praise you for your awesomeness and I am thankful that you are so much above us in all ways. I am even more thankful that we get to dwell with you forever if we trust in what Jesus did on the cross. Thank you for granting us salvation that can fulfill our every need, and I pray that we would dwell in that as we live this life. In Christ’s name I pray, Amen

Author: Jacque Dunton


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